【4K】WALK Colonia ROMA CDMX Mexico City SLOW TV travel vlog

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【4K】WALK Colonia ROMA CDMX Mexico City SLOW TV travel vlog

4k walk, a 4k documentary (documental) slow tv travel channel features a series of 4k video city walks in Ciudad de Mexico ( CDMX ). México DF is now called Ciudad de México or Mexico City. This
walk features Colonia ROMA. Watch Mexico City 4k !!! This is my Mexico City 4k travel plan in Mx. It will be the only destination of my Mexico travel experience this year. I wanted to have this Mexico tourism experience for a long time to add it to my Mexico vlog in this travel vlog. Watch CDMX 4K, Mexico 4K in this Mexico City vlog, Mexico vlog!

Virtual walk with me along this virtual walking trails, let’s take a virtual tour with this travel video! Virtual hike in HDR.Hiking here is pleasant!. Plan a walking tour if you want to know the city!

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