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🇲🇽 IZTAPALAPA, MEXICO CITY – That’s right people, after 118 previous videos in Mexico we’re back for another trip, starting in Mexico City (CDMX). In this video we visit Iztapalapa, supposedly one of Mexico City’s ‘Danger Zones’, up there with Tepito, Doctores and Ecatepec (in Estado de Mexico) as areas of the city well-known for high levels of crime, poverty, poor education, water issues and drug-trafficking. You’ve heard the constant exclamations of ‘Is Mexico safe?’ and probably read about Mexico City’s dangerous areas, but is everything you hear, reality?

After filming in Tepito in 2019, many viewers mentioned Iztapalapa. It’s a huge area with a population of just under 2 million people. There are certainly more ‘dangerous’ areas in Iztapalapa but in this video, we visit the Iztapalapa metro area, Pueblo Culhuacán, Los Reyes Culhuacán and Cerro de la Estrella (hill of the star).

One reason I wanted to visit Iztapalapa is to investigate Sky News’ portrayal of the area in relation to Covid-19, earlier in 2020. The report highlighted billowing smoke coming from overloaded crematoriums and morgues, implying Mexico City was a coronavirus disaster zone.

Obviously, time has moved on; perhaps that report was accurate, perhaps it wasn’t. But the main point I make in this video is around comparison – comparison with other cities particularly in Europe and the tendency to cast Mexico as being unable to deal with such a crisis.

We also have some Comida Mexicana (Mexican food) – tacos al pastor (my favourite) at a local taqueria and climb Cerro de la Estrella to some Aztec ruins which was one the place of the ‘Fuego Nuevo’ ceremony.

Overall, and as I’ve said in previous videos, Mexico City isn’t only about Centro Historico and Condesa. If you’re looking for things to do in Mexico City when you travel Mexico in 2020, remember, there’s a whole city out there with equally magical sights, regardless of the supposed crime. Get out there, and explore!

MUSIC – (all Epidemic Sound)
“Close My Eyes” – Tape Machines (intro and throughout)
“The Mountain Disconnect” – Trevor Kowalski (Cerro de la Estrella)
“Pretty Little Moments” – Airae (outro)


00:00 – Recap
01:36 – Vamos
02:05 – Iztapalapa Info
03:05 – Crime
04:08 – Los Reyes
04:42 – Sky News Covid Report
07:16 – Tacos Al Pastor
09:25 – Mercado Culhuacan
10:14 – Abuelitas continue
11:10 – Monastery area
12:37 – Mexidogs
13:22 – Government Investment
14:01 – Climbing Cerro de Estrella
15:20 – Sex Caves
17:02 – Aztec Ruins
18:23 – Fuego Nuevo
20:21 – Patreon Thanks

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