Zona Rosa Mexico City – A Walk Around 🇲🇽

This morning I’m going for a walk around Zona Rosa Mexico City CDMX. It’s my first time here in Zona Rosa Mexico City CDMX and I’m excited to walk around this new area of the city that I haven’t yet explored.

If you’ve been following my Mexico travel vlog you’ll know I recently arrived in Mexico City however today I’ve arrived in Zona Rosa, keen to explore however first I need food and coffee! Fortunately, Zona Rosa is a tourist / nightlife spot in the heart of Mexico City CDMX and packed with bars, restaurants and entertainment. In finally settled on eating at Hooters in Mexico City, they’ll be plenty of time for Mexican street food later.

Zona Rosa Mexico City is a wonderful place for a walk, it’s great to explore and take in the atmosphere and culture, there’s so much to see and do so I hope you join me on this walk through the city.

0:00 – A Walk through Zona Rosa Mexico City
0:14 – Exploring Zona Rosa
2:20 – Coffee in Zona Rosa
2:28 – Hooters Mexico City
4:05 – Lost in Zona Rosa
4:40 – Searching for my Hotel

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