11 Things that SHOCKED US about Mexico City

When we visited Mexico City, we found that a lot surprised us! We also share the big mistakes we made in CDMX.
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Mexico City is full of shocks and surprises! In the massive CDMX metropolis of more than 20 million people, the number of things that are going to surprise you is off the charts, typical culture shocks aside!

This city is one of the museum capitals of the world – you can barely throw a rock without hitting one! From the highly acclaimed Anthropology Museum, to Chapultepec Castle, to the free-of-charge Museo Soumaya, there are endless things to for the museum lovers of the world.

Not a museum lover? No problem. Go check out the massive Chapultepec Park, go skiing just outside of the city, eat at some of the best restaurants in the world, and pig out on cheap (but awesome) street food! Visit 6 flags for a day of thrills or go check out the Historic Center.

That leads us into something else that totally shocked us about Mexico City, the massive variety between the old and the new. You can visit Aztec ruins that are many hundreds of years old or you can head to Santa Fe and visit La Mexicana Park while you check out the beautiful skyline (as we do in this video). The skyscrapers don’t end in Santa Fe, though. They are spread out throughout the entire city – Mexico City is full of thriving business.

Watch out, though! It’s not all good. Something else that was a shock to us is the massive number of thieves (specifically pickpockets.) The city has a lot of them and you really have to watch your stuff and watch your back. If you’re planning on traveling around using the subway, you better have your belongings secure!

Among quite a few other things that shocked us about CDMX, we also take the time to recap our trip and talk about the mistakes we made during our Mexico City trip. Where to stay, transportation, food, and prices, we have it all covered here in this video!

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