Korea Town in Mexico City | Authentic Korean Food | Barrio Coreano | Ep. 30

Hola amigos! I am back from Cuba! In this episode, let’s visit the Koreatown in Mexico City! I didn’t know that there is a big Korean Community in Mexico City until someone recommended a great Korean hairstylist to me. Then, I found out there are so many Korean restaurants with great Korean food and Korean supermarkets with good choices within the area.

To be honest with you, I had visited a few Korean restaurants in Mexico. They are all very high quality. I believe is because the cuisine is still taken care by Korean. After I made this discovery, there is no way I will go back to the weird Chinese food in here again.

Hair Stylist I recommend in Mexico City:
💇‍♀️ Sssoni at Hair Charisma (Calle Napoles 60)

Korean Food that I like in Mexico:
🍲 Mexico City – Min Sok Chon (I love their simple soup kind food)
🍲 Oaxaca – Restaurante Mapo Galbi 2 (They made great Korean BBQ)
🍲 Cancun – Oh My GGogi (They have traditional Korean BBQ setting. But I only tried simple soup and dumpling.)

***One of the 10 best bookstores in the world is supposed to be El Pendulo in Polanco, not Zona Rosa , in Mexico City

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Music from Artlist:

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🎧 Another Toy by Alex Karen

🎧 Clear by by Michael Vignola


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